How to Tell Your Child is Ready for Preschool

Some parents in Singapore wait until their children turn three years old before taking them to preschool. Some, however, take their children much earlier, especially when they want the children to benefit from early childhood interactions. If you want to take your child to preschool before the expected age, how do you know he is ready for preschool? Read more here about what attending preschool will do for your child:

Is Your Child Comfortable with Strangers?

One way to confirm how your child will behave with caregivers and teachers at a preschool is by assessing his re action towards strangers. For example, does he shy away when meeting someone he is not familiar with, or does he chat happily?

Parents are naturally worried about their child’s reaction towards strangers, but a child can be moderately friendly and safe. If you worry about using strangers to evaluate your child’s readiness, check his response when he comes across people, he is not in contact with all the time. It could be your family or friends.

How Independent is Your Child?

Toddlers are naturally great at seeking attention, and preschool teachers understand this. However, some independence is expected. A child who demands attention all the time can be overwhelming for teachers, especially since they are required to give equal attention to all the children. Besides giving the teachers a hard time, a child in need of constant attention will end up in distress when he feels forgotten.

When preparing your toddler for preschool, it is essential to give him space to identify activities he enjoys so that he can spend some time on his own. Over time, he will only seek you out when he needs you.

How Does Your Child Respond When Things Don’t go His Way?

When your child goes to preschool, he will interact with other children. If this is his first time in such an environment, you can be sure there will be a lot of giving and taking. Unfortunately, children have a lot of trouble when it comes to managing their emotions.

Some children explode in rage whenever something doesn’t go his way. In a preschool, this could be several times a day. This can be overwhelming on your child, other children and the teachers. Although aggressive tantrums are expected from toddlers, it is vital for you to guide your child on matters sharing and how to handle a negative response.

It would help if you also learned how to say no whenever you need to so that he can become accustomed to such a response. If your child lashes out whenever he doesn’t get what he wants, he will become socially isolated. In the long run, he will be a lonely, unhappy child at the preschool.

How Responsive is Your Child to Change?

Going to preschool is a massive change for a child who has only known one environment, home, since birth. If you have been travelling, you were always there with him, so the transition wasn’t hard. The only change, in this case, was the where. He was still with the same people he relates to at home.

In preschool, he will encounter many people, all of whom don’t live in his home. He will have a different routine from the one he is used to, and his parents will not be there to hold his hand for several hours.

To a child, this is a different world altogether, and it can be overwhelming. You can predict your child’s reaction based on his response when you are in a different environment. If he clings to you more than usual, he is likely to experience hardship in preschool.

If your child is not prepared for preschool, you can take steps to help him. Fortunately, children accept changes quickly, sometimes much faster than adults. Please take steps to give him some independence while at the same time, let him know you are close enough to support him.

Benefits of Preschool Education on Children

Although most parents take their children to childcare centres and kindergartens for preschool education in Singapore, some choose to homeschool their children. Since some parents have successfully homeschooled their children, it has raised the question of the benefits of enrolling a child in preschool. Why should you take your child to a preschool over homeschooling?

Your Child Receives More Than an Academic Learning Foundation

Children don’t just go to preschool to gain academic knowledge, but they also gain several skills. Young children are observant. The things they see fuels their imagination. Home schooling deprives children of the exposure they need to observe their environment. Social interactions give them a greater perspective to life and opens their minds to opportunities they would otherwise miss if they weren’t in kindergarten.  

Preschools Introduce Structured Settings to Preschoolers

When children are at home, they can sometimes get used to breaking the rules. You may have a routine, but it is not the same as what they face when in school.  The preschool structure involves various tiers of people, including other children, teachers and administrators.

The structured school setting help preschoolers to understand rules and why they need to follow instructions. For example, he will learn to raise his hand or wait his turn if he has a question. He will learn social etiquette. He will also learn how to share the teacher’s attention. Group settings make all these lessons possible.

Preschools Prepare Children for Elementary School

Homeschooling your child will not save him from separation anxiety, especially if this is your greatest fear. When in elementary school, your child will face the same challenges he would have faced in preschool, or even worse. Allowing your child to interact with other children and letting him go through a school program that is like that of elementary school, will help him adapt faster.

Preschool Helps Children to Discover their Capabilities

Preschool gives your child a chance to find out what he is capable of when away from you. This is because a child tends to assume his parent has his back always. This is true, but sometimes a child needs to pick himself up when he falls. Taking your child to preschool gives him the space to discover who he is and what he can do.

Apart from self-discovery, children build confidence when interacting with their peers. You’ll undoubtedly realize that once your child goes to preschool, he will occasionally do stuff he used to expect you to do. It could be a simple task, such as pouring himself a glass of water, or decisions that have to do with what to do with his time.  

Preschool Helps Children to Answer Some of their Questions

Do you sometimes get overwhelmed when your child keeps asking questions? The questions never seem to end, and since it is a learning phase for them, you have no choice but to respond. Preschool will help ease the pressure placed on you to respond to questions since the exposure allows children to find some of the answers to their questions. Before long, instead of you doing the educating, it will be your child telling you what he has discovered.

Your child has a lot to gain by going to preschool. Before opting for alternatives to taking a child to preschool, it is best to look at the pros and cons so that you can make the best choice for your child.

Choosing the Right Tuition Centre for Secondary English

Singapore’s education business is thriving on a billion dollar revenue that is generated every year. The nation boasts of its success story by producing super competitive students that excel in all subjects. The teaching staff is commendable and the environment chosen to teach is also paid high regard. Sometimes a dull subject is chosen to be taught in an area of wide expanse of trees that creates a serene atmosphere while at the same time boosting learning. 8 out of 10 households in Singapore send their child to a tuition center. Private tutors are also hired but mostly by the rich. The country suffers from the epidemic of always staying at the top and fears failure. This is especially true of how the parents feel about their children. Therefore, education is considered a means of proving one’s self worth and achieving better.

The lingua franca of the nation is English. All the economic, political and social processes of the country depend on communicating in the language. Parents start teaching their young to speak it as early as possible. And all the secondary school students have to go through an important O-level exam that has one major subject of English. The exam comes with a discrepancy that no topic is repeated again, which propels the students to learn all areas of the subject such as grammar, usage of correct intonation, vocabulary, comprehension and deriving the key points from a passage. Although thought as a mere language subject, mastery in it takes extreme practice.

When the students enter secondary schooling they are faced with the dilemma of adopting to the new format on which the English subject is taught. Initially, statistics of failure or low grades are higher in this early phase. And this is the time parents should introduce tuition centers. These centers start with making the students practice in the new format, in which they will ultimately give their exam. At the same time introduce writing and reading such passages that provoke learning advanced vocabulary. Better sentence structure is built with writing more and more. The type of comprehensions chosen to be read have an element of widening the general knowledge of the student. Most of these tuition centers have a 90% index of success rate.

Parents should make sure that the chosen English tuition centre is not far, preferring one that is just across the block for easy commute. Next, they should research the type of results that were produced by that particular center in the previous batches. A word of mouth goes a long way, so heed should be taken to those which others highly recommend. A meeting with the teaching staff prior to the admission of the student should be made. This enlightens the teacher of the strengths and weaknesses of the child and enlightens the parents of the type of teaching strategies and if they will suit their child. Reputable tuition centers offer refunds if the promised results are not being met.

Following are some of the top tuition centers offering English for secondary schools in Singapore.

  • The Learning Board
  • EduEdge learning Hub
  • Ace English Tutor Primary and Secondary Tuition
  • Indigo Group
  • Yu Ren Tuition Center
  • Fun Learners School

Why More Singaporeans Opt for Tuition Centers to Ace Primary Science

Education is considered the most important milestone in one’s life in Singapore. All the countries processes depend highly on the qualitative output of education of its people. The sole reason Singapore has a competitive economy in the world is because its basic background is solid with educated people. Parents push and urge their children to work hard and provide an environment that encourages learning. Science is the mother of all subjects and especially paid more attention worldwide. But, facts have shown that the concepts sometimes are not easy to learn at first and require revisions. More students opt for science for tuition than any other subject. The west has been astounded by the quality of schools and results of exams by the children here.

In Singapore, primary education starts after the preschool at age 6 and then lasts for another six. The education redeemed by the child during this time builds the basic personality of the child during this time for the rest of his life. The trend of providing children with tuition whether by a personal tutor or by admitting them in a tuition center here is fairly common. In fact, 4 out of 5 children are given tuition in this country with preference of science subject like physics, biology and chemistry.

Here is an analysis of the reasons why more parents are encouraged by this fashion.  

To bring weaker students up to the level of the rest of the class:

One of the fundamental reasons why parents choose for have tuition for their children is because they’re child is lagging behind the rest of the class and tuition can help give extra attention to the child and bring him up to their level. Sometimes all a weaker student requires is extra time and support to understand a particular concept.

To push the child ahead of the class:

Every parents dream is to see their child at the very top and for this some push their children towards extra hours of learning so that their child leads ahead than the rest of the class. Children today in the country are super competitive and aim for better results.

To get the child a basic broad based education:

The importance of primary education cannot be undermined. It shapes a child to the adult he will later become and gives an emotional, logical, cultural, scientific and analytical grooming to the child. Sometimes a normal school routine isn’t enough to attain all these concepts and a tuition to back it up with can certainly do wonders.

The child gets extra attention:

This is especially true with private tutors but with tuition centers also, the class strength is usually less than the regular class. Thus, this helps the teacher to give each child better and extra attention in improving their concepts and helping out where there are grey areas.

Attainment of better education is the necessity of every child and makes them responsible citizens when they grow up. So parents should provide their child with quality education and groom them to the individuals that are responsible and capable adults who will work for the betterment of their nation. Anything that helps and boosts quality learning should be adhered like good tuition centers.  



The internet is loaded with tons of information. While some of them are helpful, others are misleading and false. Sadly, many of this false and unreliable information are being showcased on social media and on popular forums.

This has made a lot of parents in Singapore look at Chinese preschools in a bad light. Many of these parents now feel that their child will fall behind in English if they enrol their child into a Chinese kindergarten. Others are blind to the advantages of sending their children into a Chinese preschool in Singapore.

 Truth be told, most of the information on Chinese preschool in Singapore is false, unreliable and misleading. To navigate through the maze of false information and misconception, you are surely going to need some help.

The following article by Mindchamps debunks some 8 misconceptions about Chinese preschools in Singapore.


These are just some of the questions and concerns that many parents have when it comes to the benefits of enrolling their children in a Chinese preschool. Read more here.

 You like now know some eight misconceptions about Chinese Kindergarten in Singapore. It is funny to learn that most of the things people are saying about Chinese preschools are not just true. That said, one challenge you are likely going to face if you really want to enrol your child into a Chinese kindergarten is find a good kindergarten.

The following article by Mindchamps is basically a blueprint to the anatomy of the best Chinese kindergarten in Singapore.


Learning the Chinese language from young will open up more opportunities for your child in the future. Not only is it increasingly used as a language for business expansion, trade, travel, and cultural understanding, it is also one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.  Read more here.

You likely now know what makes a Chinese kindergarten great and some things to consider when choosing a Chinese kindergarten. Do you know that there are some amazing activities that make your child more receptive to learning Chinese during his years in Kindergarten? This is only going to happen if you enrol your child in a Chinese Kindergarten.

10 Amazing Activities That Nurture a Love of Learning Chinese during the Kindergarten Years

As most kindergarten children tend to communicate with their parents at home in English, their exposure to Mandarin often takes place during Chinese lessons in kindergarten and Chinese enrichment classes during weekends. Read more here.

You surely now know some amazing activities that will motivate your child to learn Chinese during his kindergarten years. Keep in mind that your child is only going to be exposed to these activities if you enrol him in a Chinese kindergarten.  Always remember that the benefit of enrolling your child into a Chinese preschool outweighs any risk and challenges that he may encounter.

Final note

 Since there are lots of false information on the internet and misconceptions about Chinese kindergarten in Singapore, it is important that you verify every information you read or share.

Let’s face it, finding a good kindergarten in Singapore is somewhat difficult. And this is because there are so many of them. To silence the noise and choose a good one, you have to know what makes a Chinese kindergarten good.

Another thing you must look at before choosing a Chinese kindergarten is their curriculum and activities. Doing this, will help you determine if a Chinese kindergarten will be good for your little one or not.







Do you know that the school you enrol your child can affect his academic, physical and mental performance? So, if you want your child to develop faster and reach his potential, then you have to enrol him in a good school.

Presently, there are a lot of schools in Singapore, enrolling your child into anyone without doing your research is certainly not a good idea. And this is because some of the schools in Singapore may not be able to handle the unique needs of your child.

Before enrolling your child into a Chinese kindergarten school or a regular school in Singapore there are some important things you first need to consider.

The following article by Jackie shed lights on some important things you need to know before putting your child in a Chinese Kindergarten.


I’ve always been curious about what it’s like to be in a local Chinese kindergarten. I’ve heard stories, and it’s now been somewhat confirmed by Josh’s story! Of course, his story is based in Xinjiang; Read more here.

You are likely now abreast with some important things you need to know before enrolling your child to a Chinese kindergarten. Children education is a tricky subject; nobody knows it all. Whether you are a new parent or you have many kids, you have to be cautious when enrolling your child into a Chinese kindergarten. You can learn more about this here  

The following article by Vanessa Jencks unveils some 7 reasons why you need to be cautious when enrolling your child into a Chinese Kindergarten.


Education for children is a tricky topic for expats who are non-teachers. The price of international education is incredibly expensive, under normal circumstances, and it’s hard to find high-quality schools on a budget. Read more here.

You probably now know some 7 challenges your child is going to face when you enrol him in a Chinese kindergarten. But you don’t have to be worried because, with a little help, you will be able to overcome each of these challenges. If you really want your child to learn Chinese, make friends and reach his potential, you have to enrol him into a top-notch kindergarten. But how can you tell if a kindergarten is world class?

The following article by Theasianparent is basically a review of some of the best Chinese kindergartens in Singapore.


 TheAsianParent dug and unearthed one centre that has just about the most eye-catching gym equipment in the island! Chinese Kindergarten, run by Mrs. Wong, is located at 256 Outram Road. Read more here.

You surely now know some of the best Chinese kindergartens in Singapore. Before choosing among them, it is important that you take a close look at their curriculum. You can go the extra mile by visiting the kindergarten to take a tour around the school premises. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or air out your concerns.


Before you enrol your child into any Chinese kindergarten in Singapore, there are a handful of things you first need to know. Keep in mind that your child’s transition in a Chinese kindergarten is not going to be all sunshine and rainbows; he is likely going to find it difficult to adjust and make friends. But, with a little help, he will scale through these challenges.

Of course, all the kindergarten in Singapore will not be able to care for the needs of your child. To find a good one that your child will settle into easily, you will have to do some research.

Also, you have to check the online review of any kindergarten before enrolling your child into it. Doing this will prevent you from enrolling your child into the wrong school.



Choosing between international baccalaureate and A-levels schools in Singapore

Every parent wants the very best for their children and would never want to see them struggle. One of the best ways you as a parent can give your children a head start in life is by enrolling them in a good school that will be able to care for their needs.

Choosing a good school for your child can be a real challenge. If you live in Singapore you are definitely going to have to choose between international A-level school or International Baccalaureate school. Making a decision between these two is not as easy as other make it seems.

Well, in order to make a decision you are going to have to do a lot of research and get to know a thing or two about these two.

If you are looking for a good IB or a Singapore international school, ISS International School is a good option you should consider. They cater to children from kindergarten through high school age and have holistic programmes with a broad range of learning activities. If you are looking for a global education for your child, do consider ISS International School.

The following article by Nalika Unantenne shed light on international baccalaureate schools as well as international A-levels schools.

International Baccalaureate or A-levels?

Have you ever wondered if the International Baccalaureate is better than the A-levels in terms of preparing your child to enter a recognized and prestigious university?

The international A-levels has been considered by many experts in the field of education to be the “gold standard” of examinations for a very long time…until now.

A recent story in reports that the credibility of A-levels is under scrutiny after it was observed that the International Baccalaureate (IB) qualification is possibly academically superior Read more here.

You likely now know a thing or two about both schools. New reports from Singapore are showing that students from international Baccalaureate schools are doing very well especially in the areas of academics. Because of this report, you likely may want to enroll your child in an International Baccalaureate school in Singapore.

The following article by Sassy Mama discusses in details everything you need to know about Baccalaureate school in Singapore.

All about IB: Guide to international Baccalaureates schools in Singapore

The various levels of IB can be found at the preschool, primary and secondary level across Singapore. On top of the local front, Anglo Chinese school international Singapore and Hwa Chong international both offer the IB Diploma at the secondary level.

IB is renowned for its high academic standards and helping to develop truly global, 21st-century citizen who will create a better, more peaceful world. Read more here.

You obviously now know a couple of things about International Baccalaureate in Singapore. But you likely might be wondering what exactly your child is going to benefit when you enroll him to an IB school in Singapore.

The following article by Felicia discusses in the details the benefits as well as the features of IB schools in Singapore.

Benefits and features of IB schools in Singapore

The International Baccalaureate or IB was established in 1968. It is a not-for-profit foundation geared towards educational development, and there are four programs incorporated that all relate to international education. These programs aim to address a learner’s personal, social, emotional and intellectual skills. Read more here

Being a parent is never easy; you are constantly faced with making a lot of important decisions that will determine the purposefulness of your child’s life. One of the first decision you will have to make as a parent is choosing a school for your child.

If you live in Singapore, you likely going to have to choose between A-level international schools or an IB. Doing some research and considering the benefits and features of these two will help you make a wise decision.

Learning Chinese: Ways and Tips

Schools teach children different topics form several subjects in school, mainly Math and Science. However, some other lessons such as Chinese language are also offered. In Singapore, schools use different languages in their curriculum. Some are all-English, all-Mandarin, and some are bilingual. However, sometimes parents still enrol their children to enrichment classes in order for their children to have a better grasp of a certain language, but today we are going to focus on the Chinese language.

For enrichment classes for children of all ages, from 6 months to 12 years, you can go to Chinese enrichment classes at Chengzhu.  There are many programmes, from a Mandarin kindergarten to holiday programmes. If you are serious about your child mastering the Chinese language you should definitely check them out.

Now, let us first see some of the best tuition and enrichment centres in Singapore for every age.  Sassy Mama will tell us about it.

Best Tuition and Enrichment Centres in Singapore for Every Age

We’ve rounded up the best tuition and enrichment centres in Singapore to foster a love of learning in your little ones!

Did you know tuition is a billion dollar industry in Singapore, mama?! Blame it on kiasu parenting, blame it on an unrelenting academic culture, or blame it on an unparalleled commitment to learning and academic excellence — whatever the reason, there are now more than 600 tuition centres registered with the Ministry of Education — and that doesn’t even include small-scale home tutors.

“Tuition” and “Enrichment” can mean very different things to different people. Perhaps your child is struggling in a particular subject and needs help keeping up. Perhaps you want to make sure your little one is well-prepared for the rigors of primary school. Or perhaps you just want your tiny tot to find learning fun and enjoyable — believe it or not there are plenty of programs out there for toddlers (and even babies) that focus mostly on singing, dancing, arts and creative expression rather than rote learning. Read more here

If we are trying to look for the best tuition and enrichment centre for our children in Singapore, we have already provided some above for you to choose from. Their location and official websites are already provided for your convenience. Now, let us talk about 10 ways your kids can love Chinese by the Contributors of Singapore Motherhood.

10 Ways your Kids can Love Chinese

Learning Chinese does not have to be dry or difficult. The literacy experts at KidStartNow, a Chinese enrichment school, share 10 ways to help your kids start loving Chinese.

  1. Be patient and encouraging

The first and most important tip: realising that getting comfortable with Chinese takes time, especially if your kid currently lacks confidence in Chinese. The process of helping your kid love learning Chinese will takes months, not weeks. So when your child refuses to read a Chinese book or speak Mandarin at the start, do not worry or express displeasure as this is normal. Instead, praise your kid for baby steps (e.g. saying a word in Chinese) and encourage him or her to keep on trying.

  1. Read Chinese books with your kids

Reading helps kids develop a love for languages and is an important step to helping them become effectively bilingual and confident Mandarin speakers. Select wholesome and age appropriate books – good quality picture books help pique interest in younger kids, while a strong plot will keep older kids enthralled.  Read more here.

Being patient is really important. We all know that learning a language is difficult that is why we should encourage and help them instead of being impatient. When your children reach primary education, a different approach will be used in teaching the Chinese language. School Bag will tell us about it and will also give us tips on how parents could support their children.

How Parents Can Support Their Children In The Learning of Chinese Language in Primary Schools

In primary school, your child will be taught the four basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. In addition, there will be an emphasis on spoken and written interaction skills. A differentiated approach has been adopted in primary schools to cater to the needs of children with varying language abilities. Interesting instructional materials and activities are used to engage your child in the learning of the Chinese Language.

As a parent, you can help your child by adopting a positive attitude towards learning Chinese Language and providing a conducive home environment to use the language. Here are some tips on how you can support your child’s learning:

  • Interact with your child in Mandarin and encourage the child to verbalise his/her thoughts in Chinese Lanugage. Be nurturing and provide support and encouragement along the way. This will boost your child’s confidence in using the language. Read more here.

One of the tips provided above is to interact with your children using the Chinese language and letting them speak their mind using the Chinese language as well. In this manner, learning would be easier and mastering would be faster. Choosing the best enrichment class would also be a big help because a big part of their learning happens in school. Parents should be prepared and involved throughout the learning of their children.


Top Merits of Studying Chinese for Kids

It is high time people should be aware of the changing political and economic scenario of the world and for those who knows it is a well-known fact that China at present is the second most powerful country in the world, the second most successful economy growing at an alarming rate.

China at present is a treasure trove of opportunities and business for people all over the world. Another thing that should be known is that the Chinese national language which is known as Mandarin is the fastest growing language in the world and is spoken by five billion people which is more than one percent of the total population of the entire world. Chinese is such a language which people from all over the world are taking up every year in huge numbers to learn so to develop their vocabulary, get mammoth career facilities, and more so because of its history.

China is the oldest present cultural area which has been there for more than five thousand years and is probably having the most interesting and intriguing history and cultural heritage. The Chinese language is filled with extraordinary quality of literature, be it novels, short stories, poems, songs and recently also cinema.

The Chinese language gives us enormous amount of valuable information regarding all this which is sure to be a treasure trove for all knowledge thirsty people out there. Along with these, China being the second most popular hub of development and technology at present, provides huge job facilities for people all the world, the only requirement being the knowledge of the Chinese language. Even in other countries of the world, the growing and all- inducing economy demands a bilingual knowledge for every worthy employees mostly English and Chinese.

As per the Chinese immersion program being incorporated in China and other leading countries, Chinese is a language which at present is being taught to thousands of students as a part of children enrichment classes. High quality teachers and educators are being employed who have excellent trainings themselves so as to provide the best mode is of teaching and communication to the kids.

One centre that offers Chinese lessons is Chengzhu Mandarin Centre. They offer lessons to both children and adult learners, and their courses are well-received by both audiences. You may view their courses here:

As per as the practical thing is concerned, it is ideal to teach a new language to any person at a very early age because that is the time our brain in most receptive. Chinese as a language is easy to learn though very much different from English. Chinese language doesn’t have the verb or tense mechanism like English language and is fairly easy to grasp. But it has to be kept in mind that though kids are at the most beneficial point to learn Chinese yet if need be, a person can learn it at any time for their own benefit. If thousands of people can then why can’t you?

As days are going, Chinese is becoming an almost unavoidable language to learn. So be it getting to know the vast cultural heritage of China, or their excellent literary works, or innumerable job opportunities, benefits of learning Chinese are uncountable.

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Here I drop a trail of rose blossoms in the forest, in the hopes that you may follow in their wake, beginning a journey into the bold mountains and tender landscapes of my poetry. The truth is, I have many different styles because I’m an avid word slinger; I never know what will stream from my mind. Call my verse Cosmic Love Poetry, or just Love Poetry; I don’t mind! Space Poetry, definitely.

Nature Poetry, yep. Free Verse, certainly, though I do occasionally rhyme – you must listen to your Poetic Voice and mine loves to mix it up! Some of my Cosmic Poetry is soaked with Existential Angst – I think the highs and lows of human emotion are well represented in my Poems! In some, themes from Astronomy and Cosmology are apparent, yet it is usually romance or devastation that stirs the tsunami of emotion to its climax. Though the view may be from an exploding star, the viewpoint is utterly terrestrial.

Yet regardless of categorization, they are Poems Of Passion, Poems Of Heartbreak, Poems Of Yearning: poems that cry out into the infinite darkness of the cosmos, begging to be heard. I hope you will take a moment to hear their voices and give them a chance to romp around the playground of your brain; you won’t regret it, I promise! 😉