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The internet is loaded with tons of information. While some of them are helpful, others are misleading and false. Sadly, many of this false and unreliable information are being showcased on social media and on popular forums.

This has made a lot of parents in Singapore look at Chinese preschools in a bad light. Many of these parents now feel that their child will fall behind in English if they enrol their child into a Chinese kindergarten. Others are blind to the advantages of sending their children into a Chinese preschool in Singapore.

 Truth be told, most of the information on Chinese preschool in Singapore is false, unreliable and misleading. To navigate through the maze of false information and misconception, you are surely going to need some help.

The following article by Mindchamps debunks some 8 misconceptions about Chinese preschools in Singapore.


These are just some of the questions and concerns that many parents have when it comes to the benefits of enrolling their children in a Chinese preschool. Read more here.

 You like now know some eight misconceptions about Chinese Kindergarten in Singapore. It is funny to learn that most of the things people are saying about Chinese preschools are not just true. That said, one challenge you are likely going to face if you really want to enrol your child into a Chinese kindergarten is find a good kindergarten.

The following article by Mindchamps is basically a blueprint to the anatomy of the best Chinese kindergarten in Singapore.


Learning the Chinese language from young will open up more opportunities for your child in the future. Not only is it increasingly used as a language for business expansion, trade, travel, and cultural understanding, it is also one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.  Read more here.

You likely now know what makes a Chinese kindergarten great and some things to consider when choosing a Chinese kindergarten. Do you know that there are some amazing activities that make your child more receptive to learning Chinese during his years in Kindergarten? This is only going to happen if you enrol your child in a Chinese Kindergarten.

10 Amazing Activities That Nurture a Love of Learning Chinese during the Kindergarten Years

As most kindergarten children tend to communicate with their parents at home in English, their exposure to Mandarin often takes place during Chinese lessons in kindergarten and Chinese enrichment classes during weekends. Read more here.

You surely now know some amazing activities that will motivate your child to learn Chinese during his kindergarten years. Keep in mind that your child is only going to be exposed to these activities if you enrol him in a Chinese kindergarten.  Always remember that the benefit of enrolling your child into a Chinese preschool outweighs any risk and challenges that he may encounter.

Final note

 Since there are lots of false information on the internet and misconceptions about Chinese kindergarten in Singapore, it is important that you verify every information you read or share.

Let’s face it, finding a good kindergarten in Singapore is somewhat difficult. And this is because there are so many of them. To silence the noise and choose a good one, you have to know what makes a Chinese kindergarten good.

Another thing you must look at before choosing a Chinese kindergarten is their curriculum and activities. Doing this, will help you determine if a Chinese kindergarten will be good for your little one or not.







Do you know that the school you enrol your child can affect his academic, physical and mental performance? So, if you want your child to develop faster and reach his potential, then you have to enrol him in a good school.

Presently, there are a lot of schools in Singapore, enrolling your child into anyone without doing your research is certainly not a good idea. And this is because some of the schools in Singapore may not be able to handle the unique needs of your child.

Before enrolling your child into a Chinese kindergarten school or a regular school in Singapore there are some important things you first need to consider.

The following article by Jackie shed lights on some important things you need to know before putting your child in a Chinese Kindergarten.


I’ve always been curious about what it’s like to be in a local Chinese kindergarten. I’ve heard stories, and it’s now been somewhat confirmed by Josh’s story! Of course, his story is based in Xinjiang; Read more here.

You are likely now abreast with some important things you need to know before enrolling your child to a Chinese kindergarten. Children education is a tricky subject; nobody knows it all. Whether you are a new parent or you have many kids, you have to be cautious when enrolling your child into a Chinese kindergarten. You can learn more about this here  

The following article by Vanessa Jencks unveils some 7 reasons why you need to be cautious when enrolling your child into a Chinese Kindergarten.


Education for children is a tricky topic for expats who are non-teachers. The price of international education is incredibly expensive, under normal circumstances, and it’s hard to find high-quality schools on a budget. Read more here.

You probably now know some 7 challenges your child is going to face when you enrol him in a Chinese kindergarten. But you don’t have to be worried because, with a little help, you will be able to overcome each of these challenges. If you really want your child to learn Chinese, make friends and reach his potential, you have to enrol him into a top-notch kindergarten. But how can you tell if a kindergarten is world class?

The following article by Theasianparent is basically a review of some of the best Chinese kindergartens in Singapore.


 TheAsianParent dug and unearthed one centre that has just about the most eye-catching gym equipment in the island! Chinese Kindergarten, run by Mrs. Wong, is located at 256 Outram Road. Read more here.

You surely now know some of the best Chinese kindergartens in Singapore. Before choosing among them, it is important that you take a close look at their curriculum. You can go the extra mile by visiting the kindergarten to take a tour around the school premises. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or air out your concerns.


Before you enrol your child into any Chinese kindergarten in Singapore, there are a handful of things you first need to know. Keep in mind that your child’s transition in a Chinese kindergarten is not going to be all sunshine and rainbows; he is likely going to find it difficult to adjust and make friends. But, with a little help, he will scale through these challenges.

Of course, all the kindergarten in Singapore will not be able to care for the needs of your child. To find a good one that your child will settle into easily, you will have to do some research.

Also, you have to check the online review of any kindergarten before enrolling your child into it. Doing this will prevent you from enrolling your child into the wrong school.



How math prepares students for the digital era

How math prepares students for the digital era

The world is changing at a fast pace. Computers are taking over almost every aspect of life. Some people have even expressed worry over machines taking over work that was previously done by man. With these changes, several questions have been asked in regard to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Should the curriculum be changed so that it is aligned with the digital demands? How practical is the curriculum as it is taught now? These are some of the questions being raised by students, parents and teachers when it comes to math.

If your child is facing problems in Secondary Math, look no further. At Indigo Centre, their engaging and holistic teaching will help your child regain their confidence in their Math and start excelling again. If you are looking for E Math or A Math tuition in Singapore, this is the centre to go to. Visit their site today:

In their article on, Kaeno Gravemeijer discusses the importance of students acquiring 21st century skills even if the math is taught in the same way it was done before computers and technology took root.

Training students to think like mathematicians instead of simply solving math problems

“This paper attempts to engage the field in a discussion about what mathematics is needed for students to engage in society, especially with an increase in technology and digitalization. In this respect, mathematics holds a special place in STEM as machines do most of the calculations that students are taught in K-12”. Read more here

Math qualifies as a life skill because it is understood the same way universally. It does not need to be translated for someone who speaks a different language. 2+2 = 4 world over. The methods used to solve the problems are the same. The only difference is how students are helped to integrate the lessons learnt in class with the happenings around the world. How, for example, can one relate the cost of a barrel of crude oil with that of refine fuel in one’s country? Can a student show the relationship between the rise in prices and cost of living? Students need to be able to reason beyond basic math if they are to be able to use the concepts learnt in class for their daily living.

This article by Amelia Teng discusses further the importance of students being able to reason out and adopt the use of math in their lives.  

Steps to take when preparing math students for a digitalized society

“Mathematics in school is no longer just about adding things up, but more about getting a student to think like a mathematician. For instance, students could be asked to evaluate the most cost-effective mobile phone plans for classmates based on their different usage patterns.”In the past, students were taught just facts and formulae. Now, we try to give them learning experiences” Read more here

Even as the world becomes more digital, certain things have remained the same. Consumers are still considered to be rational. Understanding math will help student evaluate the risks they take and determine if they are worth it or not. Math is not just about finding solutions but evaluating if the process used is going to help one come to the right conclusion.