Choosing the Right Tuition Centre for Secondary English

Singapore’s education business is thriving on a billion dollar revenue that is generated every year. The nation boasts of its success story by producing super competitive students that excel in all subjects. The teaching staff is commendable and the environment chosen to teach is also paid high regard. Sometimes a dull subject is chosen to be taught in an area of wide expanse of trees that creates a serene atmosphere while at the same time boosting learning. 8 out of 10 households in Singapore send their child to a tuition center. Private tutors are also hired but mostly by the rich. The country suffers from the epidemic of always staying at the top and fears failure. This is especially true of how the parents feel about their children. Therefore, education is considered a means of proving one’s self worth and achieving better.

The lingua franca of the nation is English. All the economic, political and social processes of the country depend on communicating in the language. Parents start teaching their young to speak it as early as possible. And all the secondary school students have to go through an important O-level exam that has one major subject of English. The exam comes with a discrepancy that no topic is repeated again, which propels the students to learn all areas of the subject such as grammar, usage of correct intonation, vocabulary, comprehension and deriving the key points from a passage. Although thought as a mere language subject, mastery in it takes extreme practice.

When the students enter secondary schooling they are faced with the dilemma of adopting to the new format on which the English subject is taught. Initially, statistics of failure or low grades are higher in this early phase. And this is the time parents should introduce tuition centers. These centers start with making the students practice in the new format, in which they will ultimately give their exam. At the same time introduce writing and reading such passages that provoke learning advanced vocabulary. Better sentence structure is built with writing more and more. The type of comprehensions chosen to be read have an element of widening the general knowledge of the student. Most of these tuition centers have a 90% index of success rate.

Parents should make sure that the chosen English tuition centre is not far, preferring one that is just across the block for easy commute. Next, they should research the type of results that were produced by that particular center in the previous batches. A word of mouth goes a long way, so heed should be taken to those which others highly recommend. A meeting with the teaching staff prior to the admission of the student should be made. This enlightens the teacher of the strengths and weaknesses of the child and enlightens the parents of the type of teaching strategies and if they will suit their child. Reputable tuition centers offer refunds if the promised results are not being met.

Following are some of the top tuition centers offering English for secondary schools in Singapore.

  • The Learning Board
  • EduEdge learning Hub
  • Ace English Tutor Primary and Secondary Tuition
  • Indigo Group
  • Yu Ren Tuition Center
  • Fun Learners School