Why More Singaporeans Opt for Tuition Centers to Ace Primary Science

Education is considered the most important milestone in one’s life in Singapore. All the countries processes depend highly on the qualitative output of education of its people. The sole reason Singapore has a competitive economy in the world is because its basic background is solid with educated people. Parents push and urge their children to work hard and provide an environment that encourages learning. Science is the mother of all subjects and especially paid more attention worldwide. But, facts have shown that the concepts sometimes are not easy to learn at first and require revisions. More students opt for science for tuition than any other subject. The west has been astounded by the quality of schools and results of exams by the children here.

In Singapore, primary education starts after the preschool at age 6 and then lasts for another six. The education redeemed by the child during this time builds the basic personality of the child during this time for the rest of his life. The trend of providing children with tuition whether by a personal tutor or by admitting them in a tuition center here is fairly common. In fact, 4 out of 5 children are given tuition in this country with preference of science subject like physics, biology and chemistry.

Here is an analysis of the reasons why more parents are encouraged by this fashion.  

To bring weaker students up to the level of the rest of the class:

One of the fundamental reasons why parents choose for have tuition for their children is because they’re child is lagging behind the rest of the class and tuition can help give extra attention to the child and bring him up to their level. Sometimes all a weaker student requires is extra time and support to understand a particular concept.

To push the child ahead of the class:

Every parents dream is to see their child at the very top and for this some push their children towards extra hours of learning so that their child leads ahead than the rest of the class. Children today in the country are super competitive and aim for better results.

To get the child a basic broad based education:

The importance of primary education cannot be undermined. It shapes a child to the adult he will later become and gives an emotional, logical, cultural, scientific and analytical grooming to the child. Sometimes a normal school routine isn’t enough to attain all these concepts and a tuition to back it up with can certainly do wonders.

The child gets extra attention:

This is especially true with private tutors but with tuition centers also, the class strength is usually less than the regular class. Thus, this helps the teacher to give each child better and extra attention in improving their concepts and helping out where there are grey areas.

Attainment of better education is the necessity of every child and makes them responsible citizens when they grow up. So parents should provide their child with quality education and groom them to the individuals that are responsible and capable adults who will work for the betterment of their nation. Anything that helps and boosts quality learning should be adhered like good tuition centers.